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Some like it hot… Here’s some tips to keep you cool and save $$$ this summer

As we head rapidly into another hot Aussie summer, there has not been a better time to make sure that your air conditioning system can cope with the fearsome summer heat. Across the country we regularly see temperatures soaring to 40 degrees plus which means if your air conditioning system is not well maintained, then the added pressure of rising temperatures will put extra pressure on your system and pocket.

And as you know, whatever your business, industry or type of premise, it is essential for your customers and staff that you keep them cool when the mercury rises.

By following simple guidelines, you can extend the life of your air conditioning unit and make huge savings to your maintenance and energy bills.

Knowing when to use your unit –

Ensure that you only use the air conditioners when you need them. Turning them off at the end of the day or setting timers to switch on/off. On weekends and holidays, If air conditioning is required in server rooms, make sure that the system has been properly set up to cool only those areas.

Choosing the right mode & temperature for the season – on new split systems in particular, you can choose Dry mode, which enables the system to remove humidity from the air. This means that you are, running the compressor at reduced speed, saving on energy consumption and wear and tear.The Dry Mode is usually the water drop (the snowflake is the Cool Mode) on the remote. The air in the room passes through the air conditioner and the water vapour condenses on the evaporator – Dry air will then exit the unit making the area cooler.

Staff Education – teaching staff how to use the unit and put guidelines around when to turn the unit on and off. Set limits on how cool or how warm to make the space. By adjusting your unit by 1 degree can save you money on your energy consumption. Also encourage staff to keep windows closed and section off areas whilst not in use.

Maintenance – this is a big one to extend the life of your unit. Take a more proactive approach and ensure your unit is regularly serviced to minimise faults and failures. If you take a reactive approach it will end up costing you more in the long run. A good option is to have a service contract in place. A service contract is like an insurance policy to ensure that if your system does breakdown, it gets repaired quickly, efficiently and economically.

At Quoject we provide affordable, quality air conditioning services (HVAC systems, split systems and custom air conditioning) for investment and commercial properties. This includes advice, design services, installation, and maintenance, providing a comprehensive end-to-end service for all your air conditioning needs.

Quoject also retains and manages all warranties for clients on their behalf meaning that if there are issues we jump into action to help you keep cool.

Contact our team on 1300 22 55 65 or email theteam@quoject.com.au to help you with your air conditioning services, because although some like it hot, most of us prefer air conditioned cool.


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